Hold That Thought

What if new technology could help bring back memories and make life easier, all through the power of your voice?

It Starts with Hello

We are building a suite of new programs for Alexa, the personal assistant on the revolutionary new Amazon Echo digital device. Our first, Memory Lane, is now available in the Echo skill store. If you have an Echo, say "Alexa, enable skill Memory Lane" to get started. If you don't have one, you can still try it out by going to echoism.io and logging in with your Amazon account.


Whether used alone or in groups, with Memory Lane, Alexa becomes your guide to history, revealing sounds that inspire memories of the past. Say "Hello" to Alexa and then join our mailing list to find out about new releases for the Alexa and other voice services.

Impacting Care

A New Way

Modern technology helps us in many ways, yet often remains out of reach for those who came of age before the digital revolution. As more of us live longer lives, a new kind of care is required. With the simplicity of a voice controlled interface, the Amazon Echo brings the digital landscape into the home in an entirely new way.


Current research suggests that people who have Alzheimer’s may continue to store memories normally, but encounter difficulty in trying to retrieve them. The skills we are developing for Echo, and the wearable device that will interact with it, can initiate memory triggers, provide companionship and entertain, and help ensure healthy routines are followed. Together, we can change what it means to age today.

How You Can Help

Alzheimer’s is something that touches all of us, whether we live with the disease or know someone who does. Anyone can help, and you may already have something to contribute. Have a mobile device you no longer use? Let us know and we can give it new life as a memory aid for someone who needs it.

Together we can change how we support people living with Alzheimer’s disease. It starts with you. info@hackingalzheimers.com

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